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How to calculate your margins for your products

How to calculate your margins for your products?

To calculate your profit margin, Intellifox has created the margin calculator
Here is a glimpse of how it looks like :

go to the margin calculator:

Warning: All fees must be filled out for a single unit.

FIXED - product
The first step to compute your product margin, is to fill the buying cost of the product. To do so, you can use the first field called Buying price to put the cost of one unit of your product.

You can also add custom labels to the next fields to add your labels, custom duties costs and so on.

You can also use arithmetic operations like 1400/200 which will be automatically computed.

The second step is to fill in your Amazon fees if you're part of the FBA program. Indeed, you need to add your shipping fees to Amazon warehouse, your storage costs as well as FBA service fees:

Finally, whether you take part in the FBA program or not, you need to deduct Amazon fees (depending on the category you sell in), and VAT :

Thanks to all these costs and fees you filled in, the margin calculator will produce a chart and graphs (on the right). You will find simulations of prices from 0 to 50% margin :

Updated on: 24/09/2021

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