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How to edit variations efficiently

How to edit variations efficiently?

On the seller central and Intellifox, the title, the bullets points and the description are automatically duplicated on each variation, in order to save time.
On the seller central, you need to modify each variation one by one to make changes, which is really time consuming.

Fortunately, Intellifox makes the variation editing chore easier for you

What is efficient about the way Intellifox manages variation?

On Intellifox, the parent and the variations are both displayed in the same interface, thus modifications on the variations are centralized.

How to edit texts?

If you want to edit the title of a specific variation, there are two possible solutions:

Use variables %VARIATION% (if you want to know more about variables :

These variables are very useful when you have variations ; they enable you to add the name of the variation to a text.

Let's see an example with a bullet point:

ring cabochon with %VARIATION% pattern

Let's pretend there is a cat pattern and a geometric shapes pattern , this text will then automatically become :

ring cabochon with cat pattern and ring cabochon with geometric shapes pattern

You can edit the variable names in the Properties and variations tab:

Use the editing links:

a. First, you need to scroll down to the variation you want to edit in the listing, then, you just have to click on the editing link:


bullet points:


b. Then, edit the the variation using the text field that is displayed (note that you can reset the changes and revert to the original text by clicking on reset) :


bullet points:


Voilà !!!

How to edit prices ?

Go to the price tab:

The price of the parent is automatically applied to the variations, but if you click on the variations tab, you wil be able to edit the price for each variation:

before you click:

after you clicked:

How to edit images?

Go to the image editor:
On the left there are the nine images that you can upload to Amazon, they are applied to your model, that is to say, the parent:

If you choose image 2, and upload a photo through one of the tabs shown by the arrows, this phot will be applied to the second image of your parent product AND your variations:

However, if you want only image 2 of one of your variations to be modified, you need to:

chose the variation you want to edit (click on it):

click on the image displayed in the middle and select variations at the top left:

Chose a picture or upload one:

As you can see, only image 2 of the first variation has changed:

Updated on: 23/09/2021

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