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How to use variables inside your texts

How to use variables inside your texts?

Variables are a time saver as:

you don't need to copy and paste texts anymore .
you can bulk edit your listings .

What is a variable?

A variable is a phrase between a percentage, for example :


This variable will be changed into a sentence when you use it in a text like a title, bullet points or a description:

"Carefully prepared shipping and ready-to-give wrapping."

By implementing this variable in each of your listing, you can duplicate texts without copying and pasting them. Moreover, It is very easy to change the content of the variable.

How to create a variable?

Go to the Texts ab, for example Title and click on Insert a variable, and Add a variable:

Fill in the name of the variable ("Code") as well as the content (NB : enter the name of the variable without space), and click on Add a variable:

How to use a variable?

Go to the Texts tab, for example Title , click on Insert a variable, then click on the variable you want to use. In the window that pops up, click on Copy variable:

You can then paste (Ctrl+V or right click, then "paste"), the variable in the editing box:

Here you go! You can also type the name of the variation. You will immediately see its content displayed in the preview above the editing zone

variables %VARIATION%

These variables are very useful when you have variations ; they enable you to add the name of the variation to a text.

Let's take the example of a bullet point:

ring cabochon with %VARIATION% pattern

Let's pretend there is a cat pattern and a geometric shapes pattern , this text will then automatically become :

ring cabochon with cat pattern and ring cabochon with geometric shapes pattern

You can edit the variable names in the "Properties and variations" tab:


This variable does the same thing, but changes the variation name to uppercase ; # %VARIATION_UPPER_CASE% is created automatically when you set up the %VARIATION% variable:

Updated on: 09/09/2021

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